Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Westernaires Go Global

UK ladies enjoy riding their Westernaires

Here is what riders from the UK have to say:

Amanda: "The saddle is great. Pony going well in it. No more pics yet as I am on on when I ride, so haveing to wait unitl someone is here. Then you can say, hey look, even 13hh Fell ponies wear then too! Also will hopefully be putting in another order int next year once the farm is sold so my other pony can have her own saddle too .Its great to ride with no back or hip pain!!"

Annie: "Just to let you know that my saddle has arrived! I am thrilled with it, it fits Tiff beautifully and is so comfortable to ride in. Well worth waiting for!!"

Mandy: My first ride on Saturday ... Sunny was great, we met numerous life threatening obstacles (cows, squirrels, sheep, round bales and a discarded fridge). He shied at a few things and scooted forwards but nothing dire. I felt quite secure in the saddle when he shied, and the stirrups caused no pressure at all thanks to your tips on twisting a broom handle.

Val writes: I just LOVE these saddles...all the different styles....I am now saving for number 6!!!! None of my horses will ever be asked to go in anything else. Annie, on the black and white cob, was too nervous to ride last year and now looks like she was born on the horse. Her Westernaire is particularly lovely. I think they all look better for use and her has lots of hours on it......All were delighted with their saddles, none more so than me.....

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