Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ansur's hot new trail saddle, the Roo!

Introducing...the "ROO"

May 18, 2012

By popular demand and continual requests, Ansur Saddlery Northwest has researched, designed, tested and is now offering a new Australian style trail saddle. Our very own saddlers here in Camas, WA are ready to build one for you or your customers!
Affectionately known as “The Roo”……it is an “Aussie” style saddle that rides like a dream and is going to be an outstanding choice for riders who spend long hours in their saddles. This saddle will go the distance for Endurance, Competitive Trail as well as pleasure riders. It is designed to let you sit in a comfortable, relaxed position for long periods of time.
This saddle, like all our other models, is fully flexible in all directions…. using FlexCore technology. And, like all our others, it is made entirely in the Camas, Washington, USA.

When selecting your size, choose the size you would ride in an English type saddle. (This is generally 2” larger than the size you would ride in a western type saddle.)
We recommend an Equalizer girth and simple dressage pad or a western cinch and a wool Navaho pad be used with this model.
This saddle is not yet pictured on our website. Please call our office with your questions or if you are interested in placing an order. 800 987 1545 We will have the first “Roos” ready to ship in approximately 8 – 10 weeks from day of order. Payment may be in full or one half down and the balance when the saddle is ready to ship.
Please feel free to send this informational sheet to any of your riders that have expressed an interest in this type of saddle.

Standard Features for the Roo
FlexCore inner structure for rider support and horse protection
Trauma absorption layering system for additional horse protection
Dark chestnut leather
24 - 25” over all length for seat sizes up to 17” (Larger sizes will increase overall length accordingly)
Weighs approximately 25#
4.5” Cantle
Super comfy, deep seat
Double Cee Rigg
Accommodates either English girth or western cinch
Leather covered metal stirrups (pictured)
3 sets of rings and strings per side
Natural sheepskin on the underside

Optional Features Specially designed, matching saddle bag
Other colors of leather
Suede seat
Silver trim
Full Tooling
Others? Just ask us!