Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Priscilla and I having fun in our Excel!

Priscilla is a 15 year old Friesian mare. She had a foal last spring a lost a lot of weight while nursing. When she was ready to go back to work, her old saddle didn't fit her anymore. I looked at a lot of different treed saddles, but we couldn't find one we both liked. Besides, I was concerned that her back was going to change a lot and wanted a saddle that would evolve with her.

I decided to go with the Ansur Excel and we are both extremely happy with it. It allows me to have a very correct position, and her to use her back freely. Her anatomy changed drastically in the last months, and the saddle fit her at every step. As a major plus, it also fits my 9 year old thoroughbred mare!
 ~Veronique Noe

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