Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kudos for the Excel

The Ultimate Dressage Ride

See, touch, feel, sit-on,
test ride the Ansür Excel

Booth 732-733
Better Living Building
2009 Equine Affaire
Springfield, MA

November 12-15

"I love the Excel... and so do my horses. i have tried it on my three, which are a national show horse with a broad back, a lipizzan, and a holsteiner... the holsteiner is very particular and he was just wonderful in it. (he is the one who so far has only liked your Classic model)....

I love that you have given it just enough structure to feel like a dressage saddle to the rider (in the good way) but it still seems to feel flexible to the horse. I do miss the absolute closeness the the classic gives it, but i think as a discipline-specific saddle you have really made a breakthrough! "   ~Karen Rohlf, FL

Gale Wolfe, NY, rides her Friesians in the Excel and she said:  "it's the BEST SADDLE THAT I'VE EVER RIDDEN IN!"

"The Ansur Excel is PERFECT for the Friesians. Four Friesians at my barn attest to it. I'll make one more comment.... the photos on the Ansur website do NOT do the saddle justice.

It really looks JUST like a regular dressage saddle. I show it to people and they can not believe that it is treeless. It's a GREAT saddle.

And... it fits ALL my horses, and needs no ADJUSTMENTS. I use no special pads and just plop it on any of my horses and GO!

Gale is featured as the October "Rider of the Month" on Ansur's home page.

I love my Excel! I brought my Amigo with me up to Canada to test-ride Pepper, my Rheinlander-cross Gelding, and he’s been wearing an Ansür every since. But when the brand-new Excel arrived for a test-ride, Pepper made it clear that we needed one immediately – the additional support for the rider provided me with increased confidence and a longer leg, and Pepper moves more forward with more freedom and fluidity – making us a more confident and fluid pair overall.
Thank you.      ~Vicki K. and Pepper, VA

Trainer Marcy Armstrong, Alberta Canada
"I fould the new EXCEL at Ansur. I didn't get to try it: I asked some good questions and sounded like it had what I needed. A Twist, feel like a real dressage saddle (not a bareback pad) Fits every horse, flexible, not rigid, looks good... so I got it that day.

17 H happy horse- or 1500# monster! At one clinic ( I knew I needed help!) he refused to go, he backed into walls, and he broke a $400 mirror. This was in his custom made, custom fitted saddles. This horse had historically overbent, curled behind the contact like he gave up on me. And therefore not forward. I know many times he was stuck between a rock and a hard place- me urging him to get more "in front of me" and him restricted by the wood and spring-steel parts of solid saddles. The horse feels like One Piece- not several that you manage to tape all together. Fix this, fix that, oh this again. I think the treeless lets it all flow freely!  ~Marcy Armstrong, Canada